The Chiropractic Approach

A drug-free, painless approach to a healthful lifestyle.

With Quality Chiropractic Care

With Quality Chiropractic Care

Utilizing High-Tech Equipment

Including the Zenith 440 hydraulic table.

a Complete Holistic Approach

For the benefit of an individual patient’s needs.

Dr Susan Eisen Working

About Dr. Eisen

DR. SUSAN EISEN is a unique chiropractor who is amongst a new breed of chiropractors for the educated patient who is looking for the proper and most effective treatment. Dr. Eisen has been practicing in New York City since 1993. She is the first female chiropractor in New York State to receive reciprocal privileges to practice in the state, at a time when that honor was reserved only for chiropractors who had the finest records of practice.

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Zenith 440 Hydraulic Table

The Zenith 440 Hydraulic Table is one of Dr. Eisen's most secret ingredients. The 440 is a biomechanically engineered chiropractic table that shows dramatic results in fewer treatments. Only 1% of chiropractors in New York City use the 440 table and less than that are certified in its proper usage.

Helping People

Patient Testimonials

We value our patients' experience at Dr. Susan Eisen D.C., Holistic Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.


Did you know that 80% of the US population will suffer with back pain? Chiropractic is a drug-free, painless approach to a healthful lifestyle. Please take a few minutes to browse our site and we look forward to seeing you in the office soon...

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