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Dr. Susan Eisen DC

Dr. Susan Eisen DC

You have heard it all before. Wearing some of the most fashionable shoes can be murder on the feet! As a holistic chiropractor practicing in New York City and Montville, believe me when I tell you that this is of epidemic proportions. I would be lying to you as well if I didn’t tell you that I owned a few pairs of Gucci’s and others. What we all do in the name of fashion vanity.

“Is it bad to wear high heels?” This question arises often in my office by young women who don’t want to sacrifice wearing their beautiful shoes. I always give my patients this advice: Never wear the same shoe more than 2 days in a row. It is best to mix up your shoe wardrobe. Wear different types of heels. This way your spine and pelvis do not become fixed to one type of shoe. The key is to keep flexibility in the spine and pelvis. Keeping flexibility in the feet is important. And daily flexing and extending of your feet will help combat foot pain as well.

If you do have foot pain or back pain, you should go to a podiatrist first and a well recommended chiropractor who specializes in work with bones of the feet. The bones in our feet can become misaligned or displaced just as they can in the spine. Often, these bones can be repositioned by a chiropractor who is trained and proficient in extremity adjustments. If you have any questions about your own feet, please do feel free to drop me a line or pick up the phone and call. So I say girls, wear your favorite shoes, just don’t over wear them!

Happy Hoofing!

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