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Dr. Susan Eisen DC

Dr. Susan Eisen DC


POSTURAL IMBALANCE is the primary cause of patients seeking chiropractic care. If you are like most Americans, you slouch at work, hold a telephone in one ear, and spend a lot of time on the computer with your legs crossed. Perhaps, you overreach, bend a lot, lift too much, and stand for long hours on your feet. Over time, our posture can create serious problems in the neck and lower back. The secondary curves in the neck and low back become flattened creating a vulnerability to the spinal disc and joint integrity.

Only a trained chiropractor can determine secondary problems related to posture. If diagnosed in time, these conditions can be reversed with chiropractic spinal adjustments and exercise.


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MODERN CHIROPRACTIC involves supine and prone adjustments, which allows for no micro-trauma to the ligaments of the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Eisen utilizes this method to ensure that no ligament trauma is a result of her treatment. She strives to correct structural problems in a patient's spine by determining the primary diagnosis and what activities have caused the problem. She then teaches methods to ensure symptoms do not return.



THE ZENITH 440 HYDRAULIC TABLE is one of Dr. Eisen's most secret ingredients. The 440 is a biomechanically engineered chiropractic table that shows dramatic results in fewer treatments. Only 1% of chiropractors in New York City use the 440 table and less than that are certified in its proper usage. This table works with Dr. Eisen to enhance the healing process. The table has several dropping pieces that accommodate each part of the body. Each dropping piece is then calibrated to an individual's weight for the correct dropping tension and is then activated with an air compressor thereby cushioning each vertebral adjustment with air. Along with the use of this most unique table , Dr. Eisen exclusive individualized treatment makes use of the most evolved and ultra-specific chiropractic adjusting techniques. She is proficient in the practice of acupressure meridians employing pressure point technique to bring about a reduction of systemic and muscular inflammation and there by creates an environment of healing.



THE ATMOSPHERE Each treatment room has a soothing atmosphere where you can relax and rejuvenate your body and mind. Our office is here to serve you at all times. We understand and accommodate your special needs regarding appointments. Your initial treatment includes a full chiropractic examination with neurological and orthopedic testing, a treatment with physical modalities and chiropractic adjustment on the Zenith 440 table.